Trusted Advisors

2 Samuel 12, Psalms 44

Who were you created to be?  That’s a big question.  For me, that question stirs up all kinds of thoughts and fantasies about what is possible.  If I am not careful, those thoughts and fantasies will turn into selfish musings about power and greatness.  Before I know it, I’ll convince myself that God also wants these very things for me.  Why wouldn’t he?  After-all, he created me in his image, he even sent his son for my redemption.  I have everything going for me, right?  Clearly, there is a fault in my thinking.  Without help, that thinking will settle into my heart, affecting my soul.  Thankfully, God knows this about me (and you).  Thankfully, God works strategically in our lives to protect our souls from serious damage.  One way that God does this is through other people.

God strategically placed Nathan in David’s life.  We don’t get the details of how their relationship was built, but David fully trusted in Nathan.  He relied on him for advice.  All the time.  Why?  How did Nathan earn this place of trust and honor for King David?  God.  David put his faith and trust in Nathan because Nathan knew God.  Intimately. David knew that whatever answer Nathan gave, it would be the will of God.  This is how he became the most trusted friend and advisor.

Of course, being a most trusted friend and advisor is tough business.  Sure, there are fun times that come with happiness and laughter.  There are also sad times that bring tears and mourning.  A real friend, however, does more.  They take the tough step of reminding us who we are created to be.  They are willing to get messy with us.  They challenge our thinking and expose our flaws.  Nathan exposes David in a big way.  Read again 1 Samuel 12:7-12.  He doesn’t hold back. He doesn’t sugar coat anything.  Nathan did this for one purpose, with one goal.  To point David back to God.  The God who created him.  The God who has a bigger purpose for him.

Thankfully, I have a Nathan in my life.  In fact, there are several people that continuously point me to God.  Some, know me well enough to poke at specific flaws in my thinking.  I would love to say that my response is always like David’s in verse 13, but its not.  The Nathan in my life has to push through my walls and overcome my defenses with determination and persistence.  I am convinced that, like David, God has put Nathan’s in all of our lives.  If we let them, if we listen to them, if they are Godly, they will help us become everything that God created us to be.