Why I Believe: BJ Armstrong

Dwight D. Eisenhower says “plans are useless.”  I agree with him.  Do you need any more proof than 2020?  I made great plans.  You probably did too.  Nothing, absolutely nothing went the way that I planned.

So, what did I do at the end of the year?  I made great plans for 2021.  Same as you.  There is a second part of Eisenhower’s famous quote.  He continues by saying, “planning is everything.”  Guess what?  A thousand things will go wrong again this year.  How do I know?  Its been happening since the beginning of time.

Take a read through Psalms 4.  What do you hear?  I hear a man crying out to God because his life is not going according to plan (v1,2).  I hear a man searching his heart for righteousness (v3).  I hear a man placing his hope in God’s wisdom (v4).  I hear a man grateful in his current circumstances (v5).  He knows God is in control.  Only in Him, does he find joy and peace (v8).

Why do I believe?  I believe for the same reason David did.  In this crazy world, there is only one constant and only one surety.  Peace and joy are not found in planning for abundant harvests of grain and new wine (v7).  They are found only when our confidence and our faith is placed in the Lord.