Wise Men Seek Counsel

Today’s Reading: Exodus 14-16; Ephesians 4 

Countless times as a child, many of us wish that we could just grow up. Many times we did not want to hear the guidance that many people would give us. We could not wait for the day to come when we will be adults and we don’t  have to listen to anybody or ask for help. But as we grow up and become adults, we understand that we do need assistance and help. Sometimes it is hard to ask for help and assistance. Sometimes it can be difficult to hear the advice, but when we become true adults and mature to understand we are able to get to a new level of maturity.  

Some of our most recent ideas of Moses come from “ The 10 Commandments” movie. In the movie we observe Moses’ transformation overnight. This seems like a week or months journey but it actually was 40 years from when Moses left pharaoh until he returned.  The next installment that we see is the “Prince of Egypt”, which was the Disney adaptation. In this, it still seems as if it was a matter of months or years from Moses’ escape from Egypt to his return. The reason for this timeline realization is due to the passage from today’s reading.

As we read the story of Moses and the exodus of the Israelites we have had different perspectives on the timeline. When Moses fled Egypt the first time he was 40 years old. When Moses came to deliver the Israelites from Egypt, he was 80 years old. When the Israelites left the wilderness and entered the Promised Land Moses was 120 years old. This new understanding of the true timeline can bring to light new thoughts of Moses from our past experiences.

In today’s reading, Moses is met with his father-in-law, Jethro. This meeting takes place after Moses has been blessed at the burning bush. This meeting happens after the Israelites have been in the wilderness for sometime. So Moses is about 80+ years in this scenario.

In this scenario, we see three things happening.

  • Jethro comes to Moses and blesses him and gives him encouragement on the things that he has done. Jethro also observes Moses in his leadership of the Israelites. 
  • Jethro gives Moses some amazing advice. He has observed Moses, and is concerned for his welfare and his livelihood and his relationships between his family and his duty to his people. Jethro gives advice on how to separate and delegate his stewardship and authority that this has been given to him by God. Jethro is a man who has had a lot of experience and leadership himself. Moses is a product of Jethro’s leadership and mentorship.
  • Jethro also understands that God has given Moses this position. Moses also understands Jethro’s love for him. Moses is considered one of the most influential individuals in Judeo-Christian law.  But he still seeks council for his leadership.

Many times in the Bible we are giving glimpses into how very wise and influential men have been given counsel to help them to elevate to the next level. In this passage, Jethro gives great counsel to Moses. Earlier in Genesis, Abraham receives great counsel from Melchizedek.  And countless times in and through the Old Testament and New Testament God has given counsel through prophets and apostles.

In all areas of our life, we have to understand that there are other individuals who are able to give us insight and wisdom that we may not be aware. But we need to be understanding and aware of how God works in those individuals he puts in our lives. Is there someone in your life who is giving you wisdom today? Is there someone who is breathing words of counsel into you? Lord, allow us to understand and hear your words to many videos that you were giving us. May you bless us this week so that we may be blessings upon others, and to show your glory.

Be blessed.