Why Do We Keep Treating Our Salvation Like a Debt That Needs To Be Paid?

I’m in a small group that meets on Tuesday nights. If I could just pop in here and give a small plug for small groups, it would be that I think you all should be in one. It is so good to be able to grow and sharpen iron together as relationships build amongst the group! Anyways, for the past 3-4 months, we have been doing a study on Galatians. As a 24-year-old Christian, I think I can fall prey to what Galatians 2 is talking about. The biggest thing I have learned through this study is that there is no work or deed that can give us salvation.

God died for us, and in doing that he paid for our sins yet we go on trying to save ourselves by doing good. It’s not about the works that you do. I’m not saying to stop doing good things; I am saying to stop thinking that good things are worthy of your salvation. Try to think of it from this example. A guy is in jail for life, for doing something terrible. In jail he does everything right, he never gets in trouble and does all the good things to make his time go smoothly. That guy does everything right but guess what; he still has to be in jail. All of his right that he is doing is not making up for that wrong that got him in there in the first place.


Just like in that example, we are all sinners that will always have sin in our life. Our job is not to try to do as many good things as possible to make ourselves feel better, our job is to have a relationship with God. When the relationship is there, you will want to do good things because that desire comes out of love for God. When that relationship isn’t there, your desire turns into settling a debt.


The most important verse in this chapter, in my opinion, is verse 21. It reads, “I do not nullify the grace of God, for if righteousness were through the law, then Christ died for no purpose.” This is huge to understand. If we stick to the idea that we are going to make up for our sin than GOD DIED FOR NO REASON!


One of the best things I have learned from the study I am going through is to not only repent of your sins but to also repent of your righteousness. Confusing at first, but remember that our good deeds will never be good enough to save us from our sins.


Today, meditate on your life. Think about if you have been doing good deeds for the wrong reason. Have a great Thursday everyone!