It is good to be near God

I’m going through a short period of solitude while my wife and kids are away for several days. Some of the plans in anticipation of this period were that I’d get some “me time” and catch up on work. To avoid boredom I’d fill up my schedule until I’m so tired that I’ll just crash at the end of each day. While there was much good intent, these plans had several errors and omissions.

Numbers 29; Psalm 73; Isaiah 21; 2 Peter 2

While digging into the scripture readings for today I learned, prayed, and reflected. As usual, I came to the place where I admit to God that these posts are nothing without Holy Spirit guidance, wisdom, and truth. I sat and stared at the screen, hoping for some divine intervention, and truthfully was hoping the intervention would hurry up because I needed to get to work. Then this verse hit me:

But for me it is good to be near God;
 I have made the Lord God my refuge,
 that I may tell of all your works. (Psalm 73:28)

At the time I didn’t feel near God, and I didn’t feel like I made the Lord God my refuge. It felt like I was on my mission, not his. It was time to step away from the distraction of the computer and the agenda, and worship him. It was time to make him my refuge so that I may tell of all of his works.

Two of the ways that I worship are:

  1. Getting outside and looking at the beauty of nature, thanking him for each thing I see, and acknowledging him and thanking him as the one who thought of it, created it, and sustains it. This act sets me back in line with who God is, and who I am (and who I am not) in his sight. He thought of me, created me, and sustains me. Everything I am, everything I have, and everything I will become is because he allows it.
  2. Listening to praise and worship music. The music makes my soul dance. Since I cannot sing nor play an instrument, I feel that there is something inside of me that appreciates music even more because it is a gift very far from my understanding. Others have created music so well, and when some of my favorite artists pour it all out for Jesus with their gifts and talents, it is like house cleaning for my soul, and sets me back on the right path. Sometimes it convicts, sometimes it educates, sometimes it just gives me joy to worship along with the music acknowledging God’s many perfect attributes.

These acts of worship restored my soul in a supernatural way that only God can deliver. I was lonely because I was seeking after the thing of this world; food, fun, escapism, and mindless entertainment.

They promise them freedom, but they themselves are slaves of corruption. For whatever overcomes a person, to that he is enslaved. (2 Peter 2:19)

When I turned back to him, the way he wants us to turn to him, the loneliness subsided and joy filled its place.

Those are just two of the many ways we can worship… Would any of our readers like to share your favorite worship activities? How do you “fill up” on God?