Sold For Nothing

Today’s Readings: Deuteronomy 25, Psalm 116, Isaiah 52 and Revelation 22

There’s so much goodness in God’s words for us today in our reading plan. I had a hard time deciding which scripture to write on but one verse from Isaiah 52 stuck in my mind:

“For this is what the Lord says: “You were sold for nothing, and without money you will be redeemed.” Isaiah 52:3

If read in context, Isaiah is telling us about the deliverance of the Jews from Babylon. God is reminding the Israelites that no matter how bad the invasion and exile might be, there is a future for Israel. They should expect to return to their land. This verse catches me and lingers because of the phrase “sold for nothing.” It reminds me of that feeling we all get after we buy something on impulse…buyers remorse. How often in my life do I sell out for that material thing? Do I sell who I am, my conviction for Christian living in order to fit in? God reminds us through the prophet Isaiah that it is without money that we will be redeemed. That message makes my Monday easier. I am free from the bondage of debt. The next time my world tries to sell me on the promise of a product, a diet or a president for that matter, I’ll be armed with the truth. Our hearts can be sold for nothing. We can so quickly fall into the trap and be sold in an instant. But God reminds us that he’ll redeem us without that worldly cost. That’s so powerful.

I believe that this message from our Heavenly Father is enough to fill our soul today. Also, I’ve typed each letter of this on my iPhone as my worldly electronics have failed me today in a coordinated mutiny! I pray that a little bit of His word fills your sails.