Lion’s Den

What is your “Lion’s Den”? Have there been any adverse situations where you’ve fully put your trust into the Almighty God and realized you had absolutely no power to influence the outcome? Please take a couple minutes to read the account of Daniel and the Lions’ Den. It is a remarkable story!

Without sharing the details of my personal lion’s den, here are questions that come to mind as I considered my own journey through a recent challenge. Please reflect on one of your own significant adverse situations. It could be something current or the past, but try to consider something you vividly recall.

  1. Prior to even knowing of the challenge, what path were you on? What did your relationship with God look like?
  2. Were you able to prepare for the situation? Meaning, did you have some foresight that things were going to get ugly? If so, how did you prepare?
  3. What was your first response when you became aware of the pending adversity?
  4. Facing the situation directly, what emotions did you encounter? Did you feel prepared for what was happening? Did you feel the presence and power of God throughout and/or did you sense His presence when you were at the end of your own strength?
  5. Why do you think that God allowed this situation to occur?
  6. Did you consider viewing the scenario not as a problem, but as an opportunity? What if every perceived problem in your life wasn’t really a problem, but an opportunity? How would things be different?
  7. Have you shared this situation and results with anyone?
  8. Reflecting back on the situation, what would you have done differently?
  9. Have you given thanks, praise, and glory to the God who delivered you?

Consider Daniel’s situation. Chapter 6 starts with informing the reader that Daniel would be placed in a high position of power and leadership under the king. Things were going quite well from a worldly perspective and in parallel, Daniel had his priorities in order. It was well known that he was a man who humbly bowed down to God. Even after learning of the fateful law that had been signed, Daniel didn’t waiver; he went home and “knelt down as usual” giving thanks to his God (see Daniel 6:10). God was glorified as a result of Daniel’s obedience and faithfulness.

The story of Daniel reminds me of Jesus in the garden the night before he was to be tortured and crucified. Jesus had his heart right, he knew his purpose, and fortunately us he submitted to the will of his Father in Heaven, the almighty God so that we may have eternal life with him.

Will you face your next trial more like Daniel and Jesus?

2 Kings 2; 2 Thessalonians 2; Daniel 6; Psalms 112–113