Would you go?

Today’s Reading : John 7
In the 7th Chapter of John, John setups an interesting scene: there is a festival in Judea and Jesus’s brothers and relatives are urging him to go to the festival, but he refuses to go and participate. The Feast of the Tabernacles, is the seventh and final feast of the Jewish tradition, it’s a big deal. This is the feast of the harvest and ends the High Holidays of the Jewish celebration. It is symbolic to the tabernacles or huts that the Israelites used in the desert during their forty-year reflection. Upon researching further into the feast, this is linked to one of Jesus’s earlier miracles in John 5: 1-17. It was at this very feast probably a couple of years earlier, were Jesus finds a man at the pool called Bethesda and have the man pick-up his mat and walk. The Jews are upset at the man for carrying his mat on the Sabbath. So the Jews are looking of him and want to persecute him for performing miracles on the Sabbath and for preaching the Scripture.  The question is “Would you go somewhere knowing that there are people waiting to persecute you?”

Lord thank you for always being able to perform miracles everyday and thank you for ministering to us daily with the Holy Spirit. I praise you for everything and having all authority. Amen