The prayer wasn’t for rescue; I was neither afraid nor worried. The theme of the prayer which I fully believe was guided by the Holy Spirit was for humility, and that I’d keep my mouth shut; to really think before I spoke, no matter what was said. Two attributes that I admit to struggling with.

The prayer was for a conversation that was slated to be about concerns ended up being accusations, and had I not been so shocked by what was said, I might have laughed because of how well the prayer had prepared me. In my experience, accusations typically have some element of truth, however the accuser is typically blind to something; whether that be their own misgivings or some truth in the matter that was overlooked or not revealed.

Prayer and communication with our Heavenly Father is so important for our daily lives. It can and will prepare us for every situation, praise God for that. Consider the prayer of Jesus in yesterday’s reading from John 17. He knew his time had come and he was deeply in prayer with The Father. We need to model our daily lives after Jesus; to pray in all things, at all times.

Caitlin’s post from yesterday rightly pointed out that while we live in this world, we are not be of this world. The world would have told me to “fight back” or “win the argument” against the accuser however in that conversation I felt the strong power of the Holy Spirit and my prayer being answered. Remaining silent at that time was the right thing to do as I sensed that the accuser had no desire for the revealing of truth, or for introspection.

Today’s reading link: John 18

My situation was nothing compared to what Jesus was faced with as he was betrayed and accused. Jesus was and is perfect in every way (and I am not). He stood accused by people who wanted him dead (hopefully no one wants me dead).

Jesus was on trial for his life by people who should have been praising him and falling at his feet (which some were only days before). Instead, he was falsely accused and to make matters worse, his accusers opted to free a known criminal instead of him. Jesus knew The Father’s plan and he willfully submitted to it with our sins in mind.

Thank you Jesus for your perfect model of prayer, submission, and humility that we may live abundantly with you in eternity. Amen.