In Closing

If you knew you were at the end of your life and writing your last letter to people you loved, what would you say?

2 Timothy 4 closes out Paul’s final writings in the Bible. He knew he was at the end of his life and he was passing the torch to his dear friend Timothy who was like a son to him.

In his personal instructions and closing (verses 9-22), we can observe that Paul is very people focused. Thinking about what is (or should be) most important to any of us, I think about the people I’ve been entrusted to love, teach, guide and to learn from and wanted to share two stories from this week.

On Tuesday, a close family member had a very serious health scare; one that caused great panic for a short period of time. Immediate thoughts went though my mind wondering if I’ve properly shared the gospel with him, if I’ve treated him with love, goodness, kindness, and gentleness. What if the last time I saw him was truly “the last time”? What would life be like without him?

On Thursday, Amy’s car broke down with an issue that was a severe safety hazard an hour from home while I was several hours away at work. She had our boys with her and the car was packed full of luggage. Generally a panic situation.

One of my biggest fears in life (apart from public speaking) is actually that my family would be stranded somewhere in a broken down car AND that I’d be too far away to help! With immediate prayer along with feeling nauseous, I started making phone calls.

Praise God, our local dealership actually called a tow truck, had the truck come to the dealership and pick up a loaner car, bring that car to Amy, then take our car back to the dealership.

And based on my own experience with tow truck drivers, I’ll admit to some negative bias. Not this guy! Amy said he was so nice and helpful, she was blown away… wow!

Praise God that these two situations had best case scenario results. Praise Him for putting people in our lives who listen, respond and give us love. May we respond in a way that honors God and his calling.

Starting today we’re going through the Psalms for additional praise and teaching. Here’s a link for today: Psalm 1

The Lord be with your spirit. Grace be with you. (2 Timothy 4:22)