The Epistle of Hebrews

This week I have the opportunity to introduce the epistle of Hebrews to you. The author of this book is unknown however many sources suggest it is again Paul. (Second vote was for Barnabas.) From a theological perspective, Paul seems to be the favorite. However, it is noted that this book was written in Greek which Paul had not been doing up to this point.

The other interesting debate is whether Genesis or Hebrews is the oldest book in the Bible. Or was it Job? Hebrews was written before the fall of Jerusalem and is estimated at around 70 A.D. The comments clearly state that it is hard to determine because the Bible is not in chronological order. It is a group of books edited together. That point made me stop and think for a minute. As we read through it, the readings seem to be in a good order in terms of thoughts and themes, logically grouped for reading and studying. It is also noted that this book could have been written for those looking to follow Jesus or those straying back toward Judaism. You be the judge.

So on to the actual text. The writings or letters are aimed at the Hebrews and those with wavering faith (sounds like Paul?). The focus is on Christ’s superiority. I think this will be an interesting read for us as the book will highlight what is referred to as the Faith Hall of Fame. We have so many Hall of Fames in today’s world, I am looking forward to this version of the Hall of Fame.   Is there a place for you there? I personally have a lot of work to do, however, I do feel I know some people who could qualify.  In this book, Christ is highlighted as being superior. He gave his son to die for us so that our sins are forgiven and that we might have eternal life. Hard to dispute this fact!

This book highlights Timothy as being one of the “Hall of Famers”. I would agree after we just completed all the readings and teachings of Paul as he was coaching Timothy. The book goes on to not only highlight other Hall of Famers, Abraham, Moses to name a few, but it goes on to help us with everyday life:   temptation, faith, obedience. And recognizes we may slip in our daily lives. It will remind us who we can turn to refresh and restore us.

A few points to look for as you read ahead

  • Jesus is supreme
  • Listen to Christ
  • Jesus is the One we go to
  • The Blood of Christ
  • Examples of Faith
  • Strive for Jesus

How about it! Can’t wait to get going!

As for our Psalms reading today, Psalms 8, this reading makes me feel calm.  On Saturday long runs early in the morning, it is thoughts such as these words that make the run much easier.  With the sun coming up, I do think about how beautiful the earth is and how we should spend more time enjoying the splendor….”birds in the sky”, “how majestic”.  If you are reading this in the early morning, I encourage you to look outside at that sunrise and read this Psalm aloud.

Have a great Friday!


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