A Clear Conscience


Do you ever do something that causes you to have a guilty conscience?

Last weekend my Mom had a ‘back to school’ dinner for all the grandkids. She made a scrumptious dinner and a divine Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake for desert. I had a small piece of cake to begin with, and then continued to go back and cut small pieces. Of course, my small pieces ended up being a few large pieces! Later that evening, besides my stomach not feeling so well, I felt guilty. I knew I didn’t need to eat that much cake!

There are many other things I feel guilty over in my day to day life. Some things being a little more heavy than just extra bites of cake. Like, when I tell someone I will do something and then don’t do it. I make up an excuse as to why it didn’t get done, when in reality, I was just being lazy.

But, the real question is…What do I do to get rid of this guilt?

When the Israelites made a mistake, violated a command, or gave into sin, the only way to clear their guilty conscience was to sacrifice a spotless and blameless animal. This animal was guilt free, it didn’t do anything wrong, and that is the point, it died in place of the Israelite who made a mistake. This act of sacrifice would clear the conscience of the Israelite, until the next time he sinned. The next time he did something that was not pleasing to God…gossiped, lied, became prideful, envied something of a neighbor, became slothful or greedy, or had lust…the guilt would come rushing back. Then, another sacrifice and another trip to the altar would need to be made. (I cannot begin to imagine how many trips I would have to make to that alter?!?!)

But then…


Hebrews 9:12 says that by His blood alone our conscience is cleansed.

He is the perfect sacrifice. Jesus willingly walked to the cross and let his blood flow freely for every single person. He canceled out the effects of sin for eternity. This sinless Savior, fully man and fully God, was able to take care of our sins and give the gift of a clear conscience. No more spotless animals or sacrifices needed. With just pure, simple faith, every Christ-follower can now hold their head high, knowing they are wholly cleaned and purified, in right-standing with their Creator for all of eternity.

In Psalm 17, we find David praying to God with a clear conscience! David demonstrates much confidence before God in this prayer for justice from false accusations and persecution. He has confidence that God will answer him favorably and will protect him from his enemies.

This confidence only comes from the relationship he has with his Father in Heaven. The continual relationship through prayer and asking for forgiveness, frees us from our daily sins which result in a guilty conscience.

Jesus, thank You for your sacrifice! Because of YOU, I can claim freedom and victory over sin and have a clear conscience.