Get Up and Walk

We all have things going on in our lives.  Some we share, some we don’t.  Maybe we are afraid of what others will say or think of you or the situation?  Maybe you just don’t want others to know? When we allow moments like this to linger it hurts. As I read through Matthew 9 I’m reminded Jesus heals.  To be honest, we all need healing. As I write this post, I think of my family dealing with addictions, physical pain, diagnoses , and even conversations of divorce. With some friends we have talked about recent losses, a future loss that is down to hours, addictions, abuse, anxiety and fears. I have also talked with others who have recently shared numerous things that are going on in their lives.  From loss of life, drug addictions, alcohol abuse, physical and verbal abuse, conversations of divorce, cancer, sickness, and everything in between.  It hurts to live out these situations, it hurts to hear them.  I take a deep breath, look up, and ask for Jesus to have his perfect love to be part of it all.  When I hear these stories my heart hurts and then I remember Jesus heals. Matthew 8 and Matthew 9 reminds us of the many ways in which Jesus healed so many people. The same Jesus that healed so many then is for us now. I think of a great friend who had his mother be diagnosed with a condition where she couldn’t walk. Through prayers, and Jesus’s grace and love she is now walking up to get communion. Jesus heals, and even though it may not always be by our timing.  He is faithful. . No matter where you at, Jesus can heal, taking away the pain that seems to linger, that leaves you most days half minded, or the pain that causes you to make choice to self medicate in a fashion that puts pain, fear, and worries to the side only to have them right back in front of you and probably worse next time.

No matter what you have going on, God has compassion.  God loves you!  There is nothing you have done, doing, or will do that will take His love away. In Matthew 9:2 Jesus heals a man who is paralyzed. So if you are spiritually blind, mute, paralyzed, sick, or even dead.  Jesus can heal.  He has already proven it.

So, in Matthew 9:28 Jesus asks, “Do you believe that I am able to do this? ” Do you? I do! He has proven it time and time again.  He can prove it with you.  He can prove it anyone! No matter what is going on with you, your spouse, a friend, a daughter, son, mother, father, whoever it may be, Jesus heals. You have to believe.

In the moments when things are hard and can take over your body, heart, mind, and souls.  Jesus says, “Get up and walk!”,  “Follow Me!” Matthew 9:5

“Take heart daughter or son, your faith has healed you.” Matthew 9:22

I Believe You Are My Healer – Hillsong

Today’s Reading Matthew 9 & Psalm 82