Today’s reading is John 2 and Ps 104

Shortly after Jesus gathers His disciples and starts spending time with them, He attends a wedding with His mom and His new disciples. I’m guessing that it was either a family wedding or a close family friend getting married because when the party runs into a snag, somebody let’s “Aunt Mary” know that there is a problem that needs solving quickly. The party has run out of wine and the festivities are far from over. This issue requires a remedy to keep the host from being completely ashamed and embarrassed in front of his entire guest list, and the happy couple celebrating their special day with all their friends and family. Mary knows who her Son is and knows He can change this situation so she tells Him that they are out of wine. Jesus seems reluctant to step in and do a miracle because He hasn’t publically or maybe officially started His ministry. He is not ready for the entire town to hear about Him yet, maybe because He hasn’t had enough time to teach and train His disciples for the ministry they are about to embark on. The time isn’t right for a big public display, the kind of story that will spread like wildfire through families, friends and towns. So Jesus discreetly goes in the back room with the servants, gives them some simple instructions and returns to His seat. The party continues. The host is praised for saving his best wine for last, the happy couple continues their celebration and the guests are having a lovely evening enjoying a great party. But something else happens. Look at verse 11. “His disciples believed in Him.” Why would John make mention of this? What makes him document the disciples belief? Isn’t it obvious that they believe because they left their families, homes and jobs to follow Him?


Today, let’s consider the depth and expanse of the meaning of “believe”. I started my relationship with Jesus at a young age. 45+ years later I am sure that my commitment and declaration of belief in Jesus was very real and sincere when I prayed with my mom asking Jesus into my heart. I would say that the next 8-12 years after my declaration were a time of learning about Jesus and His expectations for my life. After that training period, my belief was tested in very real ways by other people in my life asking questions about the reasons I chose to live the way I lived. They were questioning my motives, and for me to make my belief my very own and not just information passed down by my parents, my belief grew deeper and more resilient to keep up with my need to answer others. Then I got married and we had kids. My belief had to grow again to accommodate the discipline I needed to teach our kids truth. Then I got sick. My illness was serious enough that we spent several months, maybe years not sure if I would survive. This required a new type of belief and trust than I had ever even considered possible. Did I believe that God loved my husband and kids more than I did? Did I trust Him to care for them if I couldn’t be here? This kind of “believe” looks different than the 4 year old kind. I would say that initial belief is very real and genuine even if it is simple belief, but the more we experience of God and His work in our lives, the deeper and more broad our belief grows. The disciple’s belief and commitment was real and genuine when they left their lives to follow Jesus, and their belief and trust grew from each experience they lived through with Jesus. This miracle at the wedding was one of, if not the first miracle that they saw and experienced. Before this experience at the wedding, Jesus was talk and ideas. When they experienced what He could do, this was noteworthy. Vs 11, “His disciples believed in him”.   

If you need a refresher or just want some extra assurance that your God is worth believing in today, read through ps 104 and see how He cares for earth and the creatures He created. Vs 31, “May the glory of the Lord continue forever! The Lord takes pleasure in all he has made!” Let all that I am praise the Lord!