Be Strong and Courageous

Joshua 12 and Proverbs 12 are our readings for today.

Joshua chapter 12 simply sums up all of the kings that have been defeated by the Israelites, to date. First, the kings that were defeated under Moses’ leadership, Sihon and Og. Then, the kings that were defeated by the Israelites under Joshua’s leadership are mentioned. They conquered the kings of: Jericho, Ai, Jerusalem, Hebron, Jarmuth, Lachish, Elon, Gezer, Debir, Geder, Hormah, Arad, Libnah, Adullam, Makkedah, Bethel, Tappuah, Hepher, Aphek, Lasharon, Madon, Hazor, ShimronMeron, Acshaph, Taanach, Megiddo, Kedesh, Jokneam, Dor, Goyim, and Tirzh.

No detail is given about any of these kingdoms; how much territory they covered, or anything about them. They are simply listed.

So…how does this relate to us? Or…what can we learn from this passage??

Joshua defeated and killed thirty-one kings in all!  He took their land as their possession for the tribes of Israel.  Each of these battles presented unique challenges and difficulties. Each of these kingdoms presented real dangers. And yet, in the end, God enabled Israel to be victorious in every singe one.

No matter what situation we are in or what challenges we face today, God can and will enable us to be victorious if we will trust and obey Him. And…be like Joshua…STRONG and COURAGEOUS!

What battle are you facing today? What battle will God give you victory in??