Inquire of the Lord

Today’s reading is from 1 Samuel 23 and Psalm 24

Throughout this chapter of 1 Samuel 23, David is “inquiring of the Lord”. Five different times, David stops to ask God what to do next, and God answered. He cared for David in the midst of his inquiry by bringing guidance and encouragement from trusted people. Abiathar the priest and Jonathon his friend were there to encourage him and confirm he was doing the thing God asked of him.  Saul was not spending time inquiring of the Lord. He was on the hunt to kill David. If he had stopped to consider Gods will he would have had to lay aside his jealousy, anger, and bitterness. He was so far from God that he actually believed that David had been delivered into his hands. How deceived we can become when we stop inquiring of the Lord and start following our own desires. We become angry, mean, jealous, anxious, scared, isolated and bitter………just like Saul.

Do you feel “hunted” by a Saul sized problem? Are you inquiring of the Lord or trying to manage things on your own?  As you seek Gods guidance, look for the Jonathons and Abiathar’s God has placed in your life to encourage and spur you on. Or perhaps God has given you the opportunity to be the encourager.