Do we really want to hear what God has to say to us?

Psalm 291 Samuel 28

In 1 Samuel 28, Saul, at the end of his rope, visits a medium to get advice on how to salvage his kingdom. He has the nerve to ask for Samuel to be called up from the dead in hopes that the prophet will give him useful knowledge from beyond the grave.

This is a really unusual event – Samuel actually appears from the dead and prophesies to Saul. But the prophesy doesn’t do Saul any good. Saul wanted knowledge that would help him  win, but that isn’t why God gives us his word. God gives us his word to teach us that he alone is God and that we have no hope outside of him.

God speaks directly to us through scripture. Do we actually want to hear what he has to say? Is our desire to hear some additional word (outside of scripture) a sign of our devotion, or instead is it a desire to ignore what has already been revealed through scripture?

Lord, help me to listen to your word with an open heart and open mind. Please help me to seek you first, and not to look for truth in other places. Thank you for sending Jesus to take away our sins, and for the promise of forgiveness.