And that’s what you get for trying….

2 Samuel 4, Psalms 36

I know that I can take for granted the amount and timeliness of information we have available to us today…as compared to back when King David lived.  In 2 Samuel 4, two guys thought they were doing this great thing by taking King David the head of Saul’s son.  When, in fact, they were doing the opposite of what King David wanted.  I’m sure these two guys would have loved to have that information.  Instead of an incredible reward that I’m sure they were expecting, King David has their hands and feet cut off and then hung beside the pool of Hebron.

The main thing that I take away from this is:  “You better be sure, before taking permanent action.”  These two guys “thought” they were doing the right thing, in taking the “permanent action” of taking another’s life.  Because they didn’t make certain, it ultimately cost them severe pain and death…and the death of an innocent person.

Even if it was something that King David would have been OK with, was it the right or duty of these two guys to kill Saul’s son.  In this modern day, while we won’t literally take the life of others, we can “kill” others with words.  While they may not physically die, it can cause a lot of pain and misery.  Is it your right or duty to spread information that may or may not be true.  What could be the end result of your actions?  Do others and yourself a favor, only spread the “good news” of and to others.  I know that I am much better off when I take that smarter path.  May God bless you and yours today!