2 Samuel 18 articulates the events that lead to the death of King David’s son Absalom.

Absalom rebelled against King David, waging war against him with the hope to take over the throne. Absalom ultimately hung on a tree alive then had three javelins thrust into his heart. King David mourned deeply for the demise of his son. It was a broken relationship, and much like most broken relationships, sin was at the heart of it all.

Like Absalom, we’ve all gone astray. We rebel, wage wars, seek selfish results, we have broken relationships, and we even put others at risk when with our sin, just like Absalom.

Today, Good Friday 2018 we reflect on another man who hung on a tree because of sin. Except the sin he was paying for was not his own; his name was Jesus and he was innocent.

Matthew 27 provides an account of Jesus being brought to trial, the crucifixion and his death. Can I ask you to read this today aloud with friends and/or family to reflect on who Jesus was and the price he paid to set us free from the bondage, death, and separation of sin?

Today’s reading: 2 Samuel 18 & Psalm 50