Our Father

Today’s  reading is from Matthew 6:9 and Psalm 72

I remember saying the Lord’s prayer in church as a child. We stood in the big sanctuary with stained glass windows and recited the prayer together. Everyone joined in the low monotone mumbling of the verses as we became one voice. I memorized it at a young age from being in church and listening. It didn’t mean anything to me at the time. I was proud for knowing the words until I realized there were different versions with different words and then the confusion set in.  I was suddenly not able to join in the beautiful monotone for fear I might mess up the cadence with a 3 syllable word instead of a 2 syllable one. The opportunity to recite this prayer has been less often but when it does arise I try to assess the crowd for what version I should use. I’ll admit I’m never right and end up mumbling through most of it. I asked my 13 year old son if he knows the Lord’s Prayer and he admitted he couldn’t recite it but he knew it was when Jesus taught people how to pray. He probably has a better understanding then I did at his age as I was just memorizing words. These past few days I spent time with the first 9 words of this prayer. It’s just the introduction to the prayer but it sets the tone and prepares our hearts for time with God.

Our Father……..addressing to whom our prayer is directed. The word ” Father ” expresses an intimate relationship that is not reserved for holidays and Sunday’s. We are His children and He knows us and loves us as a Father does. He is ours and we are His.

In heaven…….. He is not of this world. His ways are not our ways. His plans are perfect. I am in awe of His position and that I am able to pray and be heard by the creator of the universe through Jesus Christ.

May your name be honored……He is worthy of honor and praise. In all that I do, say, and think. How am I honoring God today?

I’m convicted to be more thoughtful about WHO I’m praying to and to spend more time honoring His name. I often skip the reverence part and get right to the asking or complaining. In doing this I’m forgetting how big and awesome He is. I have found a peace when I sit in reverence of who God is and it changes my heart.  There is a time for asking but it comes after acknowledging Him as our Father in heaven.  As we spend the next few days going through the Lord’s Prayer, spend time with each phrase. He reveals Himself through His word when we listen. Go slow and let the words rest on your heart throughout the day.