Pigs and Pearls

Todays reading is from Matthew 7:6 and Psalm 84.

“Don’t give what is Holy to unholy people. Don’t give pearls to swine! They will trample the pearls, then turn and attack you” Matthew 7:6

Ive always struggled with this verse. It seems to me the unholy people are exactly who I should be sharing the good news with at any opportunity. Don’t they deserve to hear about Jesus too?

The people of that time understood when Jesus spoke of swine. They were “unclean” animals according to Jewish law. He says not to give pearls, a very precious item, to them because they will never wear them as they were intended to be worn. They wouldn’t even know what they were or that they had any significance at all. Their uncleaness would overpower the pearls. And the pearls would be lost on them.

Jesus wants us to share all the things He has done in our lives and the good news of the Gospel to everyone, but when we see “swine” in our midst it’s time to be discerning. The swine in our lives are the people who like to argue us out of our faith and trample on our sacred ground. They won’t be won to Christ with our holy words or knowledge of the Bible. They will trample the “pearls” with another comment or remark. Only the Holy Spirit can change a heart. Not our continuous arguing.

When discussions get heated over Jesus, theology, or whether or not the Bible is the inspired word of God……we are throwing pearls to swine. They will not understand Holy things and they will use your words to continue the argument. Step back. Save your pearls for someone who wants to hear and know more about their significance. Pray for the swine and show Gods love in actions.