One Way

I’ve been blessed with so many great friends throughout my life…many of whom would have/will do anything for anyone.  One of them was such a good person, when some friends and I were speaking of him…one of them said:  “He was such a good person, he has to be in heaven.”  When I heard the person say that, my first thought was:  “Just let it go for now and not take the chance of offending someone.”  Then I rethought it:  “I agree, he was one of the best people I’ve ever known…but that’s no why he’s in heaven.  He’s in heaven, because of what it says in John 14:6:  ‘I am the way the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father, except through me.’  I know that he did believe in Jesus because he was my best friend and I needed to know that he did believe.”  There was some head nodding and some small talk…then moved on with the evening.

Over the last few years I’ve gotten to know quite a few “super nice” people through coaching and work, but they don’t have a church home and are not sure about this “Jesus thing”.  While I still have so much to improve upon in my life, is there anything more important than helping lost sheep find their Shepherd.  There are so many ways we can do that:  praying for those lost sheep, being an example for those lost sheep, be encouraging to those lost sheep….  We are not going to convict them, that’s the Holy Spirit…but we can do these other things.  May you have a blessed day and may you be presented with the privilege of sharing the Gospel.