Job chapters 1&2

I think I have a love/hate relationship with the book of Job. I find things in this book that disturb me, that I find beautiful, that I fear, and some things that I don’t understand. So let’s read through and I’ll point out along the way some of these “loves” and “hates”.

Chapter 1 Vs 5- “love” As a dad Job was concerned that his children may have offended God and would get up early to make a sacrifice on their behalf to God. Also it mentions that, “This was Job’s regular practice”.  Am I characterized by a regular practice of praying for my kid’s hearts to be Gods?

Vs 6- “hate” Satan presented himself before the Lord. I don’t like the idea of this because I don’t understand it. (I thought that God couldn’t be in the presence of evil because of His holiness.)  “love” I know that Satan is accountable to God and that Satan can only do what God allows him to do. God is in control.

Vs 8- “hate” The Lord asked Satan if he had noticed Job. This entire mess was God’s idea not Satan’s? God is in control.

Vs 9- “love” Even Satan recognizes God’s love and protection for us. God is in control.

Vs 12- “hate” I dislike that Satan is allowed to work in a person’s life to this degree, but I “love” how it is clear in this conversation Who is setting the ground rules for the test. God tells Satan not to mess with Job physically. God is in control.

Vs 21- “love” After losing everything and everyone in his family besides his wife, Job fell to the ground and praised the name of the Lord. Would I respond to these circumstances in this way?

Chapter 2 Vs 3- “hate” Again Satan comes to the Lord and the Lord asks if Satan has noticed Job. “love” God’s thoughts on Job after Satan has taken horrendous pot shots at Job. “Job is the finest man in all the earth, he has maintained his integrity even though you urged me to harm him without cause.” I “love” that God defends Job to Satan, pointing out that Satan is not as powerful as he wishes he was. God is in control.

Vs 6- “hate” God allows Satan to take Job’s health, but I “love” that again God sets the parameters for this and only allows Satan to mess with his health. Satan is forced to spare Jobs life. God is in control.

Vs 9- “hate” I hate for Job’s wife that she is recorded in the Bible advising her husband to curse God and die. (I have to share the note in my Bible for this verse as I have wondered why Job’s wife was spared when the rest of his family was not. It says, “ It is possible that her very presence caused Job more suffering through her chiding and sorrow over all they had lost.”)

Vs 10- I “love” Job’s response to his wife. “Should we accept only good things from the hand of God and never anything bad? Do I have this much integrity?

Vs 11- “love” When Job’s friends heard about what had happened to him they went together to him to comfort and console him. Do I make myself available to comfort and console friends who need it?

Vs 13- “love” Job’s friends sat on the ground with him for seven days and seven nights. No one said a word to him for they saw that his suffering was too great for words. This verse is beautiful. The note in my Bible explains that according to Jewish tradition, people who come to comfort someone in mourning should not speak until the mourner speaks. Am I willing to consider that people might be better helped and loved by my presence, than my attempt at insightful words?

After reading through these chapters again today, there are still things I do not understand. This is a good thing. If I understood God fully, He would not be who He says He is. My human limitations cannot comprehend all of God. Praise Him that He is above all gods, mighty, holy, ultimate truth, creator, faithful, deliverer, just, our keeper, our offering, sovereign Lord, our help and our strength. God is in control of all!  This I LOVE more than I have words to express.