In today’s reading of Genesis 24 the word “loyalty” kept coming to mind even though the word itself does not appear within the chapter.

As I consider the word loyalty, I think about the people in my life who have been loyal to me as friends, family and loved ones and how important it is to be loyal to each other.

I’m not talking about loyalty to someones ideas or plans (because those are subject to error), I am talking loyalty to the person. Loving and supporting in good times and bad (like the marriage vows).

This past week we celebrated my wife’s birthday and one aspect of this celebration was to be able to observe how many people love and value her. She’s fun, funny, honest, a great listener, a great planner, and yes, very loyal.

When I thought about how amazing she is and how many people love her, I teared up a little bit with joy when she told everyone how she wanted to spend her birthday with just me. The woman I love, all to myself, all day, doesn’t get any better. I love and respect her loyalty to me as her husband through 19 years and counting. Thank you Amy, you are one of a kind!

Our God is loyal and he also expects us our loyalty in return.

Abraham’s servant showed loyalty as he took a long journey to find a wife for Isaac. He stayed loyal to his God in trusting his plans through miraculous answering of prayer. Rebekah’s family showed their loyalty and trust in the Lord by allowing their daughter to suddenly leave with this unknown servant and become the wife of Isaac. Young Rebekah showed her loyalty and faith by agreeing to immediately leave everything she knew and become the wife of someone she did not yet know.

Through all of this God proved himself again to be loyal and worthy of trust.

Reflect today on how God has been faithful to you, giving thanks for the sacrifice and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Additional reading for today giving further insights into the life of Isaac: Genesis 26