Mary and Martha

Today’s reading is Luke 10:38-42

Company is coming!! There is so much to do to make it look like we are clean and organized and perfect and make it all look effortless. In a pinch we do the “stash and dash” and hope no one opens a closet or looks in the basement to see all the things we let collect when no one else is here. I tend to be an anxious host. Especially when I have a lot of time to prepare. The longer I have to dwell on the event the more overwhelming it becomes in my head. I find that I enjoy it more when it is spontaneous. I already know its not perfect and there is nothing I can do about it but to enjoy the people around me. It’s a mind set really. What is most important? All the things and the preparation or the people? Today’s reading is about Mary and Martha. I see a little bit of myself in both of them. They were sisters but couldn’t be more different. Martha had welcomed Jesus into their home and she immediately got busy serving Him with things – food, drink, a comfortable place to sit. While Mary did not busy herself with all the things around them and instead sat next to Jesus and enjoyed his company. There was nothing wrong with Martha preparing for Jesus and making things comfortable and serving him in that capacity. That was probably the way she showed love to people she cared about. It did become a problem when she became bitter and annoyed that Mary was not helping in the way she thought she should. She hadn’t considered that Mary had chosen the better thing until Jesus told her so.  Jesus knew His time with them was so short and there were no details more important than being with Him.

Luke 10:41 “My dear Martha, you are so upset over all these details! There is really only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it and I won’t take it from her.”

As the holidays approach and there is much planning to do I will keep this verse close to my heart. When I am anxious over all the details I know I can sit with Jesus to be refreshed and reminded of what is important. I am thankful for this reminder today. May we plan like Martha but know when to sit and rest with Jesus like Mary.