Make You Known

The words of John are so deep. I’ve been mediating on chapter seventeen for weeks and each time I read it something new stands out to me. So many levels and layers to what he brings forward from Jesus. And its no wonder, as he is called the beloved, described as such a close companion to the Lord.

In my last review of this chapter, what really grabbed my heart was at the very end in verse twenty-six:

I have made you known to them, and will continue to make you known in order that the love you have for me may be in them and that I myself may be in them.

On this earth, there are so many things we can do, be recognized for, or accomplish. And of course we all have personal goals in different areas. Where this scripture challenges me, is how many of my own plans get right back to the heart of making God, our creator, known. K N O W N. Truly known.

Jesus, right before his arrest, spends his time praying and with the aim that the world will know his Father. His consistency and faithfulness is unmatched.

I’m not sure why this hit me so hard.

Maybe its because in the middle of a pandemic, when so many things are cancelled and shut down, I still don’t have my time with the Lord prioritized how I’d lik.

Maybe it’s because I wonder how many things have my name tied to them, instead of the Lord’s. Am I shouting from the rooftops that it’s truly ONLY BECAUSE OF HIS GRACE that I am able to do the things I do?

Maybe it’s because I find myself doing so many things, things that may even be deemed by the world as good, and yet I feel the Lord calling me saying I don’t want more actions from you, I just want more of you.  

Maybe it’s because this quote showed up in my timehop of something I posted seven years ago, and still struck me today. Ouch. All the good deeds are just that – good. But holy habits of obedience, prayer, worship… wow. That’s how we know him and in turn, make him known.

John 17 is so beautiful. As you read through this last prayer before Jesus is arrested, what stands out to you?

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