God’s Creation

Springtime is my favorite season of the year.  I yearn for the flowers to bloom, the trees to bud, the birds to sing, and the grass to green.  The picture above was taken from my back porch over this past weekend.  I sat and marveled at the redness of this cardinal sitting in the pinkness of the tree.  Wow!  God you are colorful and creative!  

Psalm 104 is a marvelous account of God’s creation.  

O Lord, what an amazing variety of all you have created!  Wild and wonderful is this world you have made, while wisdom was there at your side.  This world is full of so many creatures, yet each belongs to you!

Psalm 104:24

The word “wisdom” in the verse above comes from the Hebrew word –chokmah – meaning to describe skillful craftsmanship.  God’s handiwork in nature proclaims His presence and makes us want to praise Him.  

When we see creation as the psalmist who wrote Psalm 104, we will better know and appreciate the greatness of God.  We can all benefit from taking time to sit in the presence of God in His creation.  There we can relax in quiet and ponder the wonders of our God.

Psalm 104 begins and ends with the words:  “Praise the Lord” (vs 1 & 35).  From the red Cardinal sitting in the bursting pink Redbud tree to the oceans, the mountains, and the stars in the sky, our Creator’s artistry is all around us.  May we take it all in today and PRAISE Him for it!