The Impact of One


Today’s Reading : I John 2:18-29

Snow day. Yippee-yippee-yay. In a house with small kids these days come with two different expectations. From the kids this is a day to have fun inside and have fun in the glorious snow. For the adults, this day is a day of shoveling snow and salting driveways and preparing for work. This past Wednesday and Thursday the kids had snow days and adults who could go to work went to work.

This past Wednesday we had over a foot of snow in our location. This snow fell for over 12 hours and the accumulation and drifting made it somewhat impossible for normal travel to occur. On Wednesday, I attempted to go to work but unfortunately the roads between Bloomington and Peoria were completely blocked. On my return to home, I saw a vehicle stranded on the side of the road and decided to assist. The gentleman in the vehicle was trying to get to ACE Hardware to purchase a shovel to scoop out his driveway. On the way to the store he hit a snow packed drift that stranded him on the side of the road.

I attempted to shovel him out, but was unable. Then the firefighters came by with a snow plow and shovels, but still were unable to get him out. Next the police officers came by to assist, but to our efforts we still were not able to get him out. After an hour of scooping and scraping under the car we were able to move the car for this elderly gentleman and get him home. This was a concerted effort from many parties to help this one gentleman. Each person was from different backgrounds and races and creeds. But we were all able to come together to help our neighbor that was in need. At the end of this ordeal everybody was joyous that they were able to help their neighbor.

The impact that one person can have on another or a situation can turn the tides of that situation. But taking small steps we all can accomplish great things together. From the example of Christ, he impacted individuals at one time. From his conception to his death and burial, he focused on the individuals and that made the big difference. From his example when we impact one life, many other lives are impacted, it is like a spiritual domino effect. The example Christ gave us was not to try to change the world in a big swoop but to focus on one individual at a time. To be like Christ, take it one at a time and make the most impact in that situation. To be unlike Christ is to do nothing. How can we be more like Christ today?

This quote summaries this completely : “To the world you are one person, but to one person you may be the world” Dr. Seuss