New Clothes

Today’s Reading : Colossians 3: 1-17
Every night the kids and I have a devotional that is titled “Jesus calling” and in each of the many devotionals there’s some profound knowledge and wisdom in each page. The passage of Colossians 3:1 – 17, is such a passage that it has been repeated in expounded upon many times over. The main message of this passage is to keep your eyes up and focused on Christ and with Christ we are given new clothes.
Every day we are presented with circumstances and situations that will determine how we will react. We are all still in the flesh, but with the Spirit is within us we can adjust our reaction. It is actually interesting to see that Paul uses clothes in this particular passage. Many times we think that it’s the “person” that’s changing, but Paul uses the clothes. Paul understood that the flesh is hard to change in everyone. But we change our clothes daily, but in his day it could’ve been weekly or monthly.
When you were changing the actual person it is harder imagine or relate, but in Colossae where they were known for their clothes and signature fabrics which makes this example is easier to understand. We are all presented with these difficult situations on a daily basis.  These situations will arise if you are Christian or not. The question is how will you respond to the situation? Being Christian does not mean that you will not respond as you did before, but you will have remorse and try to make amends for your reaction. You are in new clothes. In the midst of these situations we have to remember Christ and His example. This is not saying that Christ did not get angry or upset, but he did give us compassion in the midst of the situation. We have on His clothes of redemption and love.
We must continue to look up and focus on Christ. The new clothes that we have are not visible to all others, but the life we live will direct others to Christ.
Be Blessed.