How do you look at life?

Psalm 36

How are you looking at the day ahead?  Where are you on your spiritual journey?  I wish I could say I had my spiritual maturity a lot further than where it stands today. I pray I keep a closer connection to our Father in my words, actions, and thoughts. I pray for eternal faith and not a faith defined by my circumstances. David shares a special message concerning how the wicked look at life and live.

Thankfully, God knows us thoroughly. He knows our hearts. He takes all my shortcomings and weaknesses and calls me His. He died for us, knowing our selfish and sinful state. Jesus tells us that in our weakness, He is strong. Confess. We don’t have to take on this world alone. David talks about the priceless and unfailing love He has for us. I’m grateful for these words today and every day. It reminds us that no matter our failures, big or small, His love for me never fails. I love the imagery in verse 7.  ~ people take refuge in the shadow of Your wings. 

As a new season prayerfully on the horizon, I see signs of spring all around. Take in these moments to reflect on our Lord’s beauty. His wonderful creations. His new life He gives to everything around. The new life He can give to you.

Heavenly Father,

I want your Word to be alive and active in my life. Your Word helps me to examine all aspects of my life and convicts me to live closer to the way Jesus did. I cannot live apart from You or Your Word. When the world and Satan does me in, reveal yourself and sustain me through Your Word and presence.

In Jesus name, Amen