Be Bold-Speak Up

Do you recall a time you had to stand up in front of many important people and give a speech?  I remember giving a few speeches in college, where I researched my  information and then practiced it so many times I had it memorized.  I probably did not come across very convincing since I gave the speeches only because I had to for a grade.  

I recall a time probably 20 years ago when I gave my testimony to a group of women.  I was nervous and I am sure I stumbled over my words, but I knew that God would use my words and speak to the women I was speaking to.  I was filled with the Holy Spirit who helped me tell of God’s love and redemption in my life.  

Today we read of Stephen, the first martyr, in Acts 7:23-43.  Stephen was a man who was full of faith and the Holy Spirit.  He was full of grace.  He was doing miracles.  He was a man who was living out his faith and doing it with boldness.

Because of who Stephen was and his boldness performing signs and wonders, he grew great opposition from the Synagogue leaders, the Sanhedrin.  The Sanhedrin began to create false witnesses who claimed that Stephen had blasphemed God.  Because of this, Stephen had to stand before the court and give a long speech of Moses in the Old Testament and how it related to Jesus’work through his death and resurrection.  

Stephen could have turned away from these people, but he chose to stand in front of them in his faith and speek boldly to them.  He did not choose to turn from his faith or take the easy way out.  The Holy Spirit filled him with courage and wisdom to speak to the Sanhedrin.  Stephen did not know what the outcome would be, but he boldly proclaimed the Word of God.  

We have the same choice in our daily life.  We can stay “safe” and not say what we feel God prompting us to say to another.  Or, we can boldly profess Who Jesus is, what He has done in our lives, and tell of the Promise of Heaven.  

Be Bold-Speak Up