Closely Watching

Today’s reading is on Luke 14:1-14.

It’s often been said your kids are always watching and listening. Not a parent myself, but I remember seeing how my parents treated each other & those around them, and how I learned to interact with those around me, and even how I treat my own wife to this day. I’m sure many parents can attest to kids picking up the things they say and do – and I’ve heard many stories from parents I know & work with of kids picking up the wrong things as well.

In this passage, when it’s said the Pharisees were “closely watching” Jesus, it was judgmental & malicious in intent – looking for a slip-up to pin on Him. It reminded me of how the world closely watches those professing faith to see whether or not they back up their words with actions. But also, of how we look to Jesus as a perfect example of who we are meant to be, and the kind of life God wants us to pursue. No one more esteemed & worthy than Christ could have taken a seat at the Pharisees’ table, yet He chooses to humble Himself and share how we are lifted up & exalted by God when we do so to share His word.

More so, how we look to Jesus is also how those around look to us to see what a Christ-like life looks life. David Guzik had this observation in one commentary about this passage that I loved: “In 2 Corinthians 3:2-3, Paul explained that we are letters from Jesus, that all men read; and that the letters are not written with ink, but with the Holy Spirit, and not on paper, but on our own hearts. We are the only kind of Bible many will ever read.” ( Whether or not we choose to lift ourselves up and put pride over helping others, like the Pharisees in this passage using a poor sick man for leverage, and experience the subsequent fall and shame, or whether we are moved by the Holy Spirit to help others before ourselves and lower ourselves to bring the Word to the meekest of men, the world will watch with intent eyes. And whether or not they see Christ’s transformation in your life, or they see empty words, is very much in our control. We must obey Jesus’s calling in Matthew 5 to be the light of the world, “that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

Father God, I thank you for the example of your son Jesus who would lead us by example in His perfect life, showing us how to give our lives to glorify you & lead others to your light as well. I pray we would all act in all times in a way that shows the world who you are and the joy & love you fill our hearts with, that others may seek you in their own lives as well. At all times, help us to show the servant love of your son Jesus to those watching, that we may lift your name and further shine the light of your glory to this world.