Compromise Free Day

Where have I let compromise change my walk with Him?

10 Have we not all one father? hath not one God created us? why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother, by profaning the covenant of our fathers?

Yesterday Lynden gave us a great reminder about the history of the book of Malachi.  This made me reflect more on this book’s value as I thought about today’s reading of chapter 2.  Malachi was a prophet that wrote about what they were doing to break the covenant they once had with the Lord.  Malachi has a pretty straightforward approach.  The approach I need but don’t always like to hear.  

In the book of Malachi, he addresses the areas of faith and practices of the people of Isreal that are just as important to us today.  These areas include

  • offerings to the Lord
  • marriage and divorce
  • financial giving
  • leadership
  • and living in the presence of the coming day of the Lord

The people of Isreal were making various small compromises in their lives.  These small compromises were changing their attitudes and hearts.  Eventually, this led to a disconnect from the Lord.  Malachi was calling them out.  Telling them to return to the Lord.

In my life, I reflect on the fast pace that can lead to compromise.  Mornings I jump into the day instead of focusing on Him, allowing myself to be short with my kids without showing the same grace He shows me, loving my wife like He loved the church, praising and thanking Him always for everything He provides instead of taking each day for granted, praying with and for the blessings and trials He puts us through with others knowing His plans are higher than ours…

My list could go on and on.  Today I pray for us/me not to compromise.  To return to Him with my whole life instead of the places that feel safe. To deny yourself daily is not easy.  The world has a highlight real of ME focus.  I pray for fewer compromises and more emphasis on His living Word like Malachi provides today.

So be on your guard, and do not be unfaithful.