Leap for joy!

A very special person came back into my life this week as she returned from Canada to visit family for about six months. Her name is Pia and she is our neighbor, friend, and honorary “Dutch Grandma”. When I saw her I felt my spirit lifted and I couldn’t help but smile! Pia speaks openly about her faith so whenever we are together I feel God’s hand and promptings from the Holy Spirit to engage in uplifting and God-honoring conversation. Pia brings joy and a sense of family to our home, even though we have known her for only a short time.

While reading the scriptures for today (Numbers 22-25 and Luke 1) I was reminded of the feeling I had when being reunited with Pia. It was as though my own spirit lept!

And when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the baby leaped in her womb. And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit, (Luke 1:41)

Similar feelings came to me this week during our small group gathering. There are people in the group who I do not know very well however I felt joy from being near people who love Jesus. There is a bond that is unexplainable and eternal.

Those who see their need of Christ, and are desirous of righteousness and life in him, he fills with good things, with the best things; and they are abundantly satisfied with the blessings he gives. (Matthew Henry)

I pray a blessing on our readers today that your heart also leaps for joy with a renewed spirit. May your heart be abundantly satisfied with the blessings of God through Christ Jesus. May we recognize His handiwork in all of the plot twists and turns in our daily lives. Seek out your brothers and sisters in Christ today. Pray for them; that God opens your heart to meaningful conversations according to the purpose that you were designed to fulfill in this life, pointing to eternal life.