2 Samuel 7-8, 1 Chronicles 17, Psalm 132, Acts 25

Have you ever been wrongly accussed?  I remember when when I worked at a summer camp during college, another counselor and I were accused of something we did not do. We were not treated fairly and I still can feel the emotions of not being heard and believed. Eventually, our boss admitted that he was wrong, but my human tendency is still to hold a grudge against him for treating me so unfairly. During this time I was so caught up in being right, I constantly  tried to prove myself. I had no confidence that at some point the truth would come out and I would vindicated.

As I read through Acts 25, I was amazed and convicted of how Paul remained faithful and confident in his faith. Even after being held in prison for two years without being brought to trial.

Finally, Paul was brought before Festus and says this…

“If I have broken the law and done something for which I deserve the death penalty, I do not ask to escape it. But if there is no truth in the charges they bring against me, no one can hand me over to them. I appeal to the Emperor.”
Acts 25:11

From these words we can see that Paul was willing to be held accountable for his actions and was completely confident that the Lord would be his defender. This is a lesson and deep reminder for us. We can have this same confidence as Paul.

Paul had complete confidence that the Lord would deliver him. He did not try and manipulate the situation and was 100% confident that God would be his defender. This is such reminder for us today.

We are to live with the same boldness and confidence that Paul lived with. How do we live our lives knowing that God is faithful to deliver us from every situation? This confidence comes only from walking intimately with Jesus every single day. Through spending time talking to Him, listening to Him, reading His Word, and spending time with other believers.

May we continue to read these accounts in the Bible and let them build our confidence that God is who He says He is and He will Do what He says He will do.