Apple of Your Eye

Did you know the phrase “Apple of My Eye” comes from the Hebrew expression “little man of the eye”? It refers to the reflection of yourself that you can see in another person’s pupil. To be the apple of someone’s eye means you are entirely focused on that person in front of you.  Today I looked into my kids and wife’s eyes to the point I could see my reflection. I tried to have them see their reflection too.  While we shared a laugh at the request, the focus and proximity helped me draw close to this scripture.

Keep my commandments and live, and my law as the apple of your eye.  Proverbs 7:2

How do you approach your time with scripture? As a duty just to be completed as quickly as possible, or as an incredible opportunity to get to know God more? I pray to be more like David (from the Bible“Oh, how I love Your law!” Psalm 119:97

We live in an eye-appealing world.  A place that keeps us focused on entertainment, technology, or busyness.  In a dark place where it can all be about us, turn our eyes to God. Without becoming familiar with God’s Word and learning to shine a light on our problems, we will surely stumble in the dark.

Have a blessed day,