Faith and Marriage

Today’s reading: 1 Kings 12, 2 Chronicles 10-11, Titus 1

Paul, the most prolific author of the New Testament, was a consistent purveyor of the Gospel and truth of Jesus Christ.  Throughout his ministry and evangelism, he was criticized, imprisoned, physically beaten, and nearly lost his life. Paul remained steadfast to his faith, regardless of the challenges, and stayed the course.

I would like to congratulate and thank our parents today on their 52nd wedding anniversary.  I am reminded to maintain a marriage union for that length of time, there must be a commitment to values and principles.  Our parents raised my brother and I in a home where Christian faith was the center of our family.  We were so fortunate that they continued the example of their parents to raise my brother and I in a Christian home.  Here are a few areas that stand out that I value and appreciate our parents for.

    1. Marriage takes commitment – There is nothing easy about marriage. My parents have been committed to each other’s careers, their hobbies, community of friends, and have supported each other over the years.  I know there have been many challenges and struggles throughout this journey, but they have remained steadfast to each other throughout the difficult times.  They did not quit. At the center of our family over all the years was a commitment to our faith.
    2. Commit your life to purpose – Our parents were educated as teachers, committing the early years of their lives to teaching and helping students. They devoted their time to make an impact on students’ lives, which I think impacted my brother and I in our lives. They shared common values and mission in their careers, always focused on helping others. Their lives have modeled purpose which I think can be pointed back to their faith in Jesus Christ.
    3. Love the sinner, hate the sin – Our parents taught us to seek to understand others, and treat everyone with fairness and love. We may not agree with someone’s choices but we were taught to treat everyone with respect and love.  They have treated each other with respect and love. They have espoused and demonstrated Biblical values in the way they live their lives.
    4. Life is difficult, rely on God – There have been challenges throughout their marriage. No matter the struggles that have been thrown at them, they have always relied on their faith in Jesus Christ.  They know no matter the struggle, God has a plan for them.  Taking care of numerous family and people in their community, health struggles, and navigating the impacts on their marriage, they have consistently relied on their faith when life was most difficult.

Our parents’ faith has provided consistency and a solid foundation for our family.  My brother and I have known throughout our lives that we can count on our parents to remain consistent and focused on their faith. That has provided great comfort and direction in a sinful world that constantly attempts to pull us away from God’s purpose.  Our parents may not always agree, but they love each other.  Love does not mean agreeing on everything, but it meant seeking to understand each other and not reacting in anger or contempt with the big issues or even the small ones.  I believe this has carried them through 52 years of marriage.

Paul was the led by conviction in his steadfast faith, which is exalted to Titus in the New Testament.  Remain convicted and faithful during life’s journey.  I am grateful that the union of our parents, July 3, 1971, identifies with many of the same values, commitment, and foundation professed by the Apostle Paul.

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Chad Bandy

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