Sing A New Song

Lately my sister and I have been sending lots of Instagram reels back and forth. The theme lately has been old worship songs. Many of these songs are songs that I know and love, but it amazes me how much songs have changed over the years.

I learned from a speaker many years ago about the power worship music can bring to your home. Since that time, I continually have worship music playing in our home. I may not be actively listening, but I might hear one phrase that lifts my spirits and changes the course of my day. I can even reflect over the past 54 years of my life and remember worship songs that made an impact during all the different seasons.

In today’s reading, we are instructed to sing a new song.

 Praise the Lord! Sing to the Lord a new song.                                   Sing his praises in the assemble of the faithful.
Psalms 149:1

The word “new” does not necessarily mean that the song has never existed before. It is more of our heart and attitude that makes a song new. Every day is a new day. God’s mercy is new every morning so each day we are refreshed and renewed. God loves and forgives us each and every day. This gives us the reason we can sing a new song to Him each and every morning.

I can attest that you do not want to hear me singing my songs to Jesus. But I know that He loves to hear our praise when it comes from our heart. When we sing we touch a part of God’s heart that only music can.

What new song is in your heart today? Sing it to Jesus.