Numbers 15-18, Psalm 113, Colossians 3

When we praise the Lord it brings Him glory. We are called to glorify the Lord. It is something that I am currently focusing on. The area in my life that is needing change is my thought-life. God calls me to glorify Him in every thought that I have. My worries, fears and anxieties often get the best of me and that does not glorify God. I have to stop my thoughts and focus on Who God is and make Him my focus. I am amazed at how many times a day I catch myself having to make this mental flip.

Psalm 113 is a great reminder to Praise the Lord! It is a perfect Psalm to read and think about. We are called to Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord!
You servants of the Lord, praise his name!
May his name be praised, now and forever.
From the east to the west praise the name of the Lord!
The Lord rules over all the nations: his glory is above the heavens.
There is no one like the Lord our God. He lives in the heights above,
but he bends down to see the heavens and the earth.
He raises the poor from the dust; he lifts the needy from their misery and makes them companions of princes, the princes of his people.
He honors the childless wife in her home;
he makes her happy by giving her children.

We are called to praise the Lord, to bring glory to His name. We praise Him for His greatness and for the salvation that He has given us. When your thoughts are awry turn to Psalm 113 and read it out loud. Remember Who God is and PRAISE THE LORD!