Connected With God

I cannot believe that it is already here.  Today, is the first day of a new year and the first day for this fun project.  Thank you, for joining us!

Today’s reading link:

Family: Genesis 1; Matthew 1. Secret: Ezra 1; Acts 1.


God created this world with an amazing amount of intentionality. When I simply consider the broad strokes that God painted in Genesis 1, I naturally gloss over it. But, taking a closer look, it becomes clearer. What did he do? He created the scene and established the boundaries for us to live our lives. Then, he simply says, “be fruitful and multiply.” He intends to let us do it. There is no step-by-step plan, but an incredibly complex venue for us to live our lives. He has provided all of the raw materials. What we do with them and how we do it, is left up to us. Some might call it “free will.”

For me, perhaps the most striking part of this conversation comes in verse 28. You see, as humans, we are “blessed.” For whatever reason, God created us differently than the plants, birds and animals. When I consider that we God’s blessing on us, I realize that he intended more for us simple survival. According to Merriam-Webster, to be blessed means that we “have a sacred nature,” and are “connected with God.” This reminder is one reason that I appreciate the creation story so much. It is so easy to get bogged down in all the details and rules of religion. Today, remember that we have been given everything that we need.  We have a divine blessing. We choose to embrace it, or not. Furthermore, the way we use it is a direct reflection of our own relationship with God.