To Serve the LORD

Paul opens his first letter to Timothy by straight away identifying himself as a servant of the LORD. It seems to me as though this were the first thing he should like anyone to know about him. First things first as it were.

Imagine for a moment that you were asked to provide a short bio so as you could be introduced at an event. Say you were giving a talk or sitting on a panel, etc. What sort of bio would you submit? Would it lead with your being a servant of the LORD? Would it end there also? God grant us the courage to put you first on a list of one.

As a younger man I look for older and wiser God fearing men to learn from. Here are some simple statements of truth from a note that a local business man shared with some of his business partners:

“I  am a servant of Jesus Christ. I am just a servant, and that is really all I desire to be. Just to serve Him and to be His. I don’t want Him to be a servant to me, I want to be His servant.   

It gives me the greatest joy to be His servant.  It is the greatest joy I have ever had. I want to be His servant and I want to serve Him…

I am owned totally by Him. I belong to Him. The things I have in this world are owned 100% by Him and are not mine…

I am His servant and this is the very first thing I want everyone to know about me. It is the most important thing about me and the only thing that matters. I belong totally to Him. I am here for Him and to serve Him…

He can do with me what He wants, where He wants and when He wants for His glory and to exalt Himself.”

Suggestions for prayer: Ask the LORD to show you how His Word in Psalm 23:1 and Matthew 10:39 intersect in your life. 

For further study: Read Matthew 10:32-42 and reflect on what Christ has called us to do and how your actions and attitudes reflect or reject His calling.

Today’s reading: 2 Kings 15; Titus 1; Hosea 8; Psalms 123–125