Hindered Progress

Challenges in business as a dart being slowed down by a heavy anchor as an adversity metaphor and symbol or overcoming a handicap to achieve your goal to reach the target.

1 Chronicles 9–10; Hebrews 12; Amos 6; Luke 1:39–80

Why is it that vacation, Halloween, and Thanksgiving always roll around when I am trying to be “good” about what I eat? Seriously, I have maintained a really good diet for several months. It stopped quickly with my vacation. You know how it is, great dinners are part of the deal.  Right? For me, a great dinner includes dessert. But, I remind myself that it is ok. This is a short-term thing. A week of splurging won’t matter.  After all, I’m on vacation! The brief interruption of my diet has now been exacerbated by Halloween. It turns out that I am a sucker for Snickers and Milky Way’s and Almond Joy’s and Butterfingers, and pretty much anything that gets dumped out of that bag. (Actually, I am not a fan of Whoppers, but I eat them anyway). The best part of Halloween candy is that everything is bite-size. I mean, it’s not like I’m eating an entire candy bar. As I consume multiple pieces, I remind myself that there are only a handful of pieces left. Once they are gone, all will be well and I’ll get back to my normal diet. Except for the fact that next week is Thanksgiving. It’s not likely that I am going to take it easy on homemade rolls, or extra gravy. And, pecan pie is awesome (especially with ice cream) so I’m definitely looking forward to that and since the Thanksgiving tradition requires we eat pumpkin pie I’ll go ahead and try that too. My mother-in-law makes a mad coconut cream pie that occasionally makes its way to the table and really, its one of my favorites so I’ll try that too. Hey, don’t forget, it’s just one day. For dinner, I’m looking forward to lying low. My mom makes grandma’s angel food cake and I’d hate to dishonor her legacy by passing it up. Besides, angel food is pretty light.

Healthy lifestyles are not limited to food.  In fact, our relationship with God is the most important component.  Just like my diet, I often make choices that circumvent its full realization.  For example, consider this list of activities that hinder my progress.  In no particular order; wine, work, swearing, laziness, Xbox, YouTube, Television, internet, telephone, text messages, facebook, Pinterest, election coverage, books, bourbon, course language, impure thoughts, Amazon, movies, napping, 

If you are like me, you connected with at least one item.  I’m guessing that not only did you connect with it, but you justified it just as I have justified my poisonous diet.  Take a few minutes today to consider how you might, “lay aside this weight,” (Hebrews 12:1) and acknowledge the reality that it is preventing you from finishing the race successfully.