Like sands through the hourglass…

Today’s Reading

If you have ever watched Days, or any soap opera, you know that it never changes.  In fact, that show has played since 1965!  And, you know what?  Nothing has changed.  Nothing!  The characters are the same.  They experience the same problems and display the same ridiculous behavior.  It’s as if they never learn anything.  Their lives never improve.  They are doomed.  One could argue that our lives are no different.  We need to look no farther than Chronicles 1 and Chronicles 2.  Seriously, I was talking with Jennifer this morning after our daily reading.  I mentioned that I’m tired of Chronicles.  I feel like I am reading the same thing over and over.  She said, “I know, it’s like watching Days of Our Lives.”  She’s right.

Thankfully, the days of our lives don’t have to be meaningless repetition.  There is an end to the drama, if we choose it.  It is the result of Jesus’ death.  He declares it in John 19:30.  “It is finished.”  Jesus death literally marks the end of an age.  He brings a permanent solution to the pain and suffering that is a result of our bad choices.  Redemption is just the beginning of his plan for us.  And, the only requirement for the hope and freedom that He promises is that we choose it. He makes that easy too.  We are saved when we declare with our mouth and believe with our heart that He is our Lord and Savior (Romans 10:9).