Take a minute to re-read Luke 24:13-35, paying attention to the loss of hope that the Christ-followers were experiencing.  I believe that their experience is not unique

We go through life with our eyes closed.  It’s our attempt to shield ourselves from the pain, from anything that might steal our hope.  When we engage in conversations about it, the longing for a full life again arises.  Our hearts burn for it.  Yet, we fail recognize life because we are focused only on death.  We look for what might help us overcome the darkness.  Money, power, fame, sex.  We will try anything.  Nothing works.  It doesn’t work because the leap from death to life is not about what, it’s about who.   Many of us figured that out a long time ago.  Unfortunately, our current circumstances have us again wandering in the dark, living in despair.

What will cause us to remember hope?  How can we recall the hope that we once carried, the hope that we chose in submission through baptism?  We must again remember death.  Jesus death, specifically.  This is the death that restores life.  Nothing else can.  Will you join me today in remembering the sacrifice that Jesus made for us?  The followers in today’s story remembered Life when Jesus broke bread with them.   We now call it communion.  Jesus promises that he will honor our attempt to remember.  We will recognize that we have a savior and salvation is ours.  Life.