Intro to Romans

As we finished the book of Acts yesterday and reflect back over the book, I trust that you found the formation of the new church as exciting, refreshing and motivating as I did. I loved seeing lives change so quickly and dramatically as we witness Acts. I personally chose to follow God as a young child, and was raised in a home where Gods principles were the standard. Since I grew up in a relationship with Jesus (which I am so grateful for), sometimes I feel like I missed out on that radical adult life change that happens in some peoples lives when they meet Jesus mid life. I just love the example shown to us of the early church learning to function as one body instead of a bunch of individuals. Their willingness to sell what they owned, to have cash to meet others needs and care for those unable to care for themselves is so beautiful. Reading through their choices inspires, encourages and challenges me to be willing to live the same way.

So today I am given the opportunity to introduce our next book, Romans to you. The truth is that I am ill equipped for this project. Cosmetology school didn’t cover Romans, the Bible or even history for that mater so you are going to get to look at what I am able to root out of my commentaries about Romans. Hopefully I am able to find some little nugget that you didn’t already know. If not, then please get a head start on the book itself…God won’t let you down!!

It seems that it is widely accepted that Paul is the author of Romans. The two main purposes for writing this letter to the Roman church were to announce his upcoming visit and to present a detailed and complete statement of the gospel message. The believers in Rome had been on Paul’s heart and prayer list for a long time so he had a strong desire to visit with this group of believers. He was excited to share with them that he was finally getting to come. He also wanted to write to these people about the salvation that they all shared, to give a full and logical presentation of God’s plan for humans to be saved. He starts at the beginning with man’s sin and condemnation to the very end of God’s story where we are able to spend eternity in God’s presents, conformed to the image of Christ.

I’m going to copy a sentence from my commentary ( The Bible Knowledge Commentary by John F Walvoord and Roy B Zuck) as it is encouraging and brings hope for our next few weeks in the book of Romans.

“God’s program of salvation for people will not fail because it is His work, and “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” Phil 1:6”

No matter what I face today, I can rest in the fact that God’s plan of salvation will NOT fail! This beautiful promise is more than enough.