Fight The Good Fight

Today’s Reading: 1 Timothy 6

Not too long ago, I scheduled Friday evening walk-thru to discuss some problems a customer was having with his house.  It was the only time he had available.  Not surprising, this busy executive was running late.  When finally he walked into the house, I greeted him with a handshake and a big smile, expecting him to unload on me about the busy and tumultuous week that he has had.  Cautiously, I asked, “did you have a good day?”  His response was one that I will never forget.  He said, simply and authentically, “I fought the good fight.”  What an interesting comment!  Since that conversation, I’ve stopped thinking about my days as good, or bad.  Instead, at the end of my day, or week, I remind myself that I am fighting the good fight.  Paul gives us some interesting feedback today about the good fight.  He uses four words to outline how we do it.

Flee – (v11) to escape, shun, run away from

From what in your day, or week did you flee?  Or, maybe you did not flee when you should have.  Perhaps, there s something in your life this very moment that you need to flee. 

Pursue – (v11) to run swiftly in order to catch something, to seek after eagerly, earnestly attempt to acquire

What are you pursuing in your life?  Are you full throttle in your career?  For what purpose?   Maybe its money, or is it power?  In this passage, Paul is encouraging us to pursue faith and only faith.  That means running after God, earnestly and swiftly.  The goal is to catch him!

Fight – (v12) struggle, strive, to contend with an adversary

No, it will not be easy.  Things won’t go our way.  It will often feel as if someone is fighting against you.  The good news is that we have been given amazing tools for this battle.  Ephesians 6:10-18 describes how God protects us.  He gives us “full armor” so that we can stand firm.  Additionally, He wants us to fight hard against our adversary with his sword of truth.

Take Hold – (v12) take possession, attain, seize

God does not want us to wait until the battle is over.  He wants us to claim the prize, now!  Don’t forget, he already won the war.  He sent his only son to die on the cross (1 John 2:12-14).  Its time to stake our claim.

Father, thank you for simple ways to better understand your Truth.  Give us wisdom today to see clearly what we are pursuing.  Provide us with the courage we need to flee from temptations.  Resolve in our hearts a desire for you that enables us to fight.  We trust in your armor to help us stand firm.  Today, Lord, victory is yours.  Not even death can overcome it.