Resentment and Displeasure

Jonah 4, Psalm 1

As we conclude the book of Jonah, I find myself working through some tough questions.  For example, why did God choose Jonah?  First he runs away, repenting only when God pins him down.  Then, he reverts back to his old attitudes.  Finally, when God confronts him about his indignation, Jonah doesn’t attempt to change.  He doesn’t even express remorse.  Instead, he wishes for death. 

He’s an Idiot.  That’s the best descriptor I can find.  In fact, I can’t believe that God is still talking with him.  Seriously, God should wring his neck! God’s frustration with Jonah must be unbearable.  What is God thinking?  How could he?

Do you hear it?  Righteous indignation shows up fast!  Just like Jonah, I find myself running from God’s calling.  Just like Jonah, I repent and choose obedience when He reigns me in.  And, just like Jonah, I revert to my old self, full of righteous indignation.

Thankfully, God never changes.  God loves me and calls me to do his bidding, just like Jonah.  God tests and reproves me because he loves me, just like Jonah.  And, God listens to me, even when I’m an idiot, just like Jonah.