1 Samuel 19, Psalms 20

What do you believe about prayers?  Does God answer them?  Does he answer them the way that we want?  Your beliefs about prayer also reveal what you believe about God.  For example, do you believe that he for you, or against you?   Consider your position as you read Psalm 20. 

v1a – How do you expect the Lord to answer you in your day of trouble?  

v1b – God protected Jacob, how would you like for him to protect you?  

v2 – Do you ask for his consecrated, most holy and perfect help?

v3 – We dare not remind him of our meager offerings…

v4 – Does he know your plans and heart’s desire?

v5a – Are you thankful for the life that he provides?

v5b – Are you waiving his flag, remembering and celebrating his name?

As I considered these questions for myself, I made an interesting and scary observation.  I discovered that I am want to leave them undefined and unanswered.  I think we all are.  We think that doing so will keep us safe.  It wont.  Instead, it holds us back, preventing us from reaching our potential.  The very potential that God, our creator, endowed us with.  Even worse, when we believe that God cannot or will not help us, it robs him of glory.