The Lord’s Prayer

Matthew 6:5-15, Psalm 68

Why do you pray?  If you paused long enough to answer that question, take a close look.  Think about the last prayer your offered up.  What was it about?  Commonly, we pray from the worry and anxiety that fills our day.  Often, we pray because of the scarcity that shows up in our lives.  I think that it is time to consider what our prayers really say about us.  More so, what do our prayers reveal about our beliefs in God?

In his book about the Lords prayer, Dr. Albert Mohler, Jr. suggests that everything we believe about God is revealed in our prayers.  He says, “When we pray, we convey our entire theological system. Our theology is never so clearly displayed before our own eyes and before the world as in our prayers. Praying forces us to articulate our doctrines, convictions, and theological assumptions. These aspects of our Christian life come to a unique focus in prayer because when we speak to God we are explicitly revealing who we believe he is, who we believe we are, what his disposition toward us is, and why he has that disposition.”  Mohler’s comment is worth considering as we begin a deeper study of the Lord’s prayer. 

For the next several days, we get to assess our theology and see how it is revealed through our prayers.  Jesus tells us how.  As we listen, I pray, dear Holy Spirit, reveal your Truth to us.  Provide us with the courage to take an honest assessment of ourselves and equip us with a true understanding of who you are that we may exult and glorify you, as you deserve.

Mohler, Jr., R. Albert. The Prayer That Turns the World Upside Down: The Lord’s Prayer as a Manifesto for Revolution (p. 10). Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition.