Man, Prophet, or God?

Luke 9

How did God make the stars? Were they thrown in the air like pixie dust settling into random patterns, or were they placed, one by one with care and intention?  I can spend hours in the fascination of the stars and our universe, becoming quickly overwhelmed with their mysteries and possibilities.  God has not revealed to me how, or why, he created the universe, I just know he did.  In fact, we all know.  We to experience it every time we look into the sky.  I find myself saying “Wow, you are awesome God!”

I don’t question that God created the universe.  Maybe because the evidence is all around me.  Sure, there are people that contrive alternate explanations, but I believe He did it.  I have no doubt.  In order to believe that, I have to consider his capabilities.  I come to greater understanding that he is far bigger than me. I see that his capacity for both creativity and activity are infinite. Why then, do I question that he was able to feed 5,000 people with four loves and two fishes?  Why do I attempt to rationalize and water down the story into some rational explanation? Seriously, there is no rational explanation for the universe so why do I attempt to create them around the works of Jesus?

Asking those questions is scary.  Actually, the answer is the scary part because it reveals what I believe about Jesus.  You see, if Jesus was a prophet, or merely wise human, feeding the 5,000 is impossible and I need to rationalize the story.  If, however, Jesus is God, the creator of the universe, the answer is quite different. Feeding the 5,000 is easy when you know how to make a sun and stars and moons.

Who do you believe Jesus to be?